Saturday, December 20, 2014

Giving the Gift of ART! Gift Certificates at Confluence Gallery

Confluence Gallery has many special 
Artful Gifts in our Exhibits 
and the Gift Shop 
year round.

We also offer Gift Certificates in any denomination!

Gift Certificates can be used for Art from our Exhibits, items from the Gift Shop, as well as, Workshops or Classes or Events!

Can't decide what to get that special someone? How about a Gift Certificate from Confluence Gallery!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift Shop Spotlight: Marracci Designs Jewelry

Confluence Gallery shines a spotlight on Marracci Designs Jewelry!
Photo Courtesy Methow Made

Joanne Marracci has been making jewelry since 2005. She jokes that she has creative "ADD".

“I love to try new things, but I always get bored. I’ve tried woodworking, playing guitar in a band, drawing and sculpting. Then I took Metalsmithing 101 at Pratt in Seattle and that was the beginning of the end. I finally found something that I could stick with, because there are a million different techniques and materials.”

In addition to traditional silversmithing and stone setting, Joanne recycles used copper into wearable art, which she sells at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA and at Matter, a gallery of recycled works of art in Olympia, WA.

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve been taking old copper parts from refrigerator parts and gorgeous sheet material from old electrical wire, and transforming them into beautiful jewelry. I take apart fax machines and printers and use their copper wire coils on earrings. Some of the sheet copper I flatten out and make a bracelet.”Joanne loves combining junk with gems to make something wonderful. But she finds her greatest joy is in making something for someone.

“This is an intimate thing that I am making. People are wearing it very close to their hearts—through their bodies in the case of earrings—and it’s such a visceral material. It humbles me when someone spends their hard-earned money with something that connects with them. And because every piece is different, I feel like I’ve made something for that person in particular. Then I release my design, and it goes out into the world. It’s kind of a spiritual thing.”

Since moving to the Methow Valley, Joanne feels her work has come alive.

“I have been coming to the Methow Valley for 20 years, but leaving Seattle has changed my art. There is not enough distraction and that has affected my work in a positive way. Living in the Methow Valley has made my designs less urbanized and more organic and nature-inspired.”

Visit Marracci Designs!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Confluence Gallery Hosts Fifth Grade Field Trip

Margaret Kingston courtesy of Methow Arts

Ekphrasis doesn’t roll easily off the tongue, but it defines a method of exploring art that comes easily to students, once they understand the concept. The goal of ekphrasis–writing about art–is to make the reader envision the piece of art as if he were actually seeing it. Methow Valley fifth graders had the opportunity to practice ekphrastic writing in conjunction with a recent field trip to the Confluence Gallery & Art Center.

Upon arriving at the gallery, students were welcomed by Executive Director Salyna Gracie, who told them a bit about Confluence’s mission, as well as introducing them to the current exhibit–In a Land of Snow and Indigo–and explaining the process for getting art accepted into a show.

Painter and teaching artist Margaret Kingston then took over, examining four different pieces of work in the show. Margaret asked the students first to share their general impressions of each piece–”What do you see?” “What stands out?” ‘What does this make you think of?” She then guided them through the process of understanding how each artist achieved the effects they noticed in the artwork, using vocabulary terms from the principles of art and the elements of design, as well as considering different styles of art that might characterize each piece. Finally, Margaret asked students to share what they thought the art meant, or what story was being represented through the art.

The next phase of the residency gave students a chance to walk through the gallery looking at each work of art before settling on a piece that resonated with each of them. Author and teaching artist Shannon Huffman Polson then guided students in a writing exercise that echoed the three questions the students had considered when discussing art with Margaret, as well as contemplating the role of the artworks’ titles and the conflicting moods and emotions that art–like life–sometimes elicits. The final step involved students addressing a personal memory evoked by the art–”What does this art piece make you think of from your own life?”

Follow-up sessions in the classroom with Margaret and Shannon allowed students to create a piece of art in the “snow and indigo” theme, as well as to move toward editing and refining the writing samples they began in the gallery.

This art residency was brought to students by Methow Arts’ Okanogan Region Arts Education Partnership. The partnership serves more than 5,200 students and 370 teachers across Okanogan County with arts programs in classrooms in the Omak, Okanogan, Brewster, Bridgeport, Pateros, and Methow School Districts, and in the Paschal Sherman Indian School. Project sponsors include the Public School Funding Alliance, the Methow Valley Fund, the Methow Valley School District, the National Endowment for the Arts, and ArtsWA.

Article Courtesy of Methow Arts

Contact: 509.997.4004 or

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sip N Shop! Festive Holiday Shopping at Confluence Gallery Dec. 12th 5-8pm

Confluence Gallery is gearing up for the Festive Holiday Season!

We will be hosting our annual 
Sip N’ Shop evening shopping event

Dec 12, 5-8pm 
in our Gallery and Gift Shop!

Come join us to sip on cider and shop for the holidays.

We currently have over 200 local/regional artisans exhibiting their work. 
Our special exhibit "In a Land of Snow and Indigo" is a winter wonderland waiting for you to explore.

This is an opportunity to walk through Twisp as Confluence collaborates with other downtown businesses to create a fun evening shopping atmosphere.

Our gallery is located at 104 Glover St, Twisp WA
For more information call 509-997-2787 or email

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Call for ART! Confluence Gallery Presents: XX XY

Confluence Gallery Call For ART! XX XY

We invite you to contribute to our XX XY show at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp, WA. The show will open on March 7th, the day before International Women's Day. . It will run thru April 11th, 2015.

Each artist is required to submit exactly 2 works relating to the theme. How you interpret the theme is entirely up to you.

Here are the rules- Each piece must be:
  • Your own original work.
  •  Available for sale.
  • Created in the last 3 years.
  • Never previously been shown in the Methow Valley area. 
  • Any Size
  •  Any Medium
  •  Ready for hanging with appropriate hardware/wire secured to work (works without hanging hardware will not be hung)
Please note the curator(s) have the right to refuse work , even after work is delivered to the gallery, if it does not contribute to the direction, cohesiveness, or available space of the show. We are looking for high quality execution and thoughtful content that contribute to the vision of the show as stated above.


· Intent to Submit by December 31st (email to

· Jpegs of work or work in progress by January 16th (for marketing materials)

· Artist Statement and Bio by Saturday February 28th (in email or word doc only, no pdf's or handwritten statements please).

· Completed works, Inventory Sheet and Confluence Gallery Contract by Saturday February 28th.

· Show Opening Saturday March 7th, 2015 4pm – 8pm. All artists are encouraged to attend.

· Show Closes April 11th. Work will be available for pick up after 3pm.

The Confluence Gallery and Art Center is a non-profit gallery. All shipping costs to and from the gallery of unsold works is each artist's responsibility.

Please feel free to email us directly at or call Executive Director Salyna Gracie at the Confluence Gallery (509) 997-2787 if you have any questions about the show or the requirements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Joanne Marracci, Nicole Ringgold, Matt Armbrust, Vern White, Curators


Kids Art Party December 12th with Margaret Kingston!

Confluence Gallery and Art Center presents:

Snow Painting! with Art Educator Margaret Kingston

 Here is a chance to try something new!  We’ll add 3-D snow to our artwork with a mixture of shaving cream and glue. It stays puffy and looks like the real thing! We can experiment with it in a landscape, build funky snowmen, and add colors to see what happens. Come join the fun and bring home unique artwork!

Friday, Dec. 12th 10 - 2pm 

Grades: 1-5  
M.V. Elementary School Art Room

Confluence Art Center RSVP and Pre-Pay #997-2787

$35 for 4 hours, Bring a LUNCH, snacks provided 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Shop Spotlight: Jonathan Baker of eqpd Gear

Gift Shop Spotlight: Jonathan Baker of eqpd Gear

Confluence Gallery is excited to have new products from eqpd Gear in our gift shop!

Jonathan Baker is the founder and senior designer of eqpd Gear



"We take tremendous pride in our knowledge of the built world and believe only when you understand manufacturing can you build simple, purposeful, durable products.
We view ourselves as Manufacturing Activists and will never exploit labor or the environment in the development, manufacturing or sale of our products. We believe in domestic production, fair labor rates and that with considerate decision making we can reduce our environmental impact.
We look to celebrate and demystify the build process, making products that are easy to understand, fabricate and repair."

eqpd products are designed anywhere and made in a 780 sq/ft design and manufacturing space, building #7 on the Twispworks Campus, Twisp, WA. USA.