Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Shop Spotlight: Jonathan Baker of eqpd Gear

Gift Shop Spotlight: Jonathan Baker of eqpd Gear

Confluence Gallery is excited to have new products from eqpd Gear in our gift shop!

Jonathan Baker is the founder and senior designer of eqpd Gear



"We take tremendous pride in our knowledge of the built world and believe only when you understand manufacturing can you build simple, purposeful, durable products.
We view ourselves as Manufacturing Activists and will never exploit labor or the environment in the development, manufacturing or sale of our products. We believe in domestic production, fair labor rates and that with considerate decision making we can reduce our environmental impact.
We look to celebrate and demystify the build process, making products that are easy to understand, fabricate and repair."

eqpd products are designed anywhere and made in a 780 sq/ft design and manufacturing space, building #7 on the Twispworks Campus, Twisp, WA. USA.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift Shop Spotlight: Nicole Brauch Fine Art

Gift Shop Spotlight: Nicole Brauch Fine Art

The Confluence Gallery is excited to feature some new artists in our ever-changing Gift Shop.
New this month is Nicole Brauch Fine Art.We have many of her mixed media panels on display so come on by the Gallery to see Nicole's dynamic and layered work in person!
World Where You Live by Nicole Brauch

Nicole tells us "My work is derived from personal history - either told or uncovered.  I document the memories of people, things and moments that continue to resonate in my life.  It is my attempt to integrate and reconcile autobiographical motifs.  I gather personal imagery from a rich archive of family photos, letters, books and historical images as well as found objects with meaning.  I use such things as glass bottles, silkworm cocoons and keys, bits of string, cloth and eggs to store away these moments and memories. The weight of small things is our lives.
There is a German saying, Es zieht sich durch wie ein roter Faden, or It goes through like a red thread (that ties it all together).  Threads are an illusion to the paths we choose and how connected we are.  Gas masks and glass  are used as a method to protect and insulate from the known and unknown. Eggs become symbols of life, renewal and waiting.  The merging of the historical and the personal, the painted and photographed has become the means by which I process events and come to understand family history.Brauch’s recent work has been an attempt to integrate and reconcile autobiographical and historical motifs.  She culls personal imagery from a rich archive of family photos, family letters, books and historical images as well as found objects rich with meaning such as honey, silkworm cocoons, and eggs.  Oftentimes these precious items are protected in glass bottles. The merging of the historical and the personal, the painted and photographed has become the means by which Brauch processes events and comes to know personal, familial history.

I am particularly interested in words and language.  I am interested in layers of information and meaning, transparency and opacity, ambiguity and nuance and of finding that balance between the story being seen and the story that is understood.  Of what we say and what we see are two very different and parallel ideas.  Perception creates the reality.  Everything I create from photographs to canvas size and shape are carefully considered.  My work is about who I am... where I have come from and what I believe to be sacred and enduring.  I make art to challenge, calm, excite and satisfy the mind and heart.  I share my work in hopes of  leaving some permanent, telling mark on the world... that I Was Here."

By using printmaking techniques integrated with painting, encaustic and sculptural elements, a story is told much like the stories that accompany photos in family albums.  The layers allow for others to project their own family history upon them.  

 A native of Washington, Nicole Brauch received her B.F.A. from Cornish College of the Arts.  She also studied at the Simon-Mayr Staatliche Realschule in Riedenburg, Germany.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Call for ART! Shifting Baselines: 'The New Normal"

Confluence Gallery presents: Shifting Baselines: “The New Normal”

Curated by Dan Brown, Michael Azzano and Jennifer Molesworth:

Our world is under constant change. One human tendency, however, is a short sightedness of the severity of this change. Both environmentally and socially, we see the world through the eyes of a single generation. While we reminisce of the “good old days”, pass down family knowledge and tradition, the majority of us only really see what’s right in front of us. Our baseline for “normal” has shifted to our current viewpoint.

The term shifting baselines refers to the comparing of a current state to a previous baseline which may or may not have been the proper baseline. For example fishery managers have been able to double the population of salmon in the Columbia River system since the 1930’s. The problem is that 1930’s population of salmon was only about 10% of the 1800’s population. What we see in our lifetime is our new normal, but may be a situation worse than the past or better than the past. The concern is that we come to consider the situation in our lifetimes as normal and the next generation does the same and a slow steady degradation is allowed to occur.

The Main Street of our childhood may have been quite different from today. Dominated by Mom and Pop shops, Main Street was the place of pet stores, hardware stores and bakeries. Today our children see a very different version of this small town icon. Much of Main Street has been abandoned to capitalize on highway traffic, big box stores and fast food chains dominate the landscape. Starbucks is the neighborhood coffee shop and media is consumed via wifi, twitter, facebook and hashtags. While not all variety is gone – our children perceive a very new normal.

Another thought: The last passenger pigeon died in 1914 – down from numbers that once darkened the sky. It is hard to imagine so many birds in the sky at once.

Dear Artists;

We hope you will take this opportunity to create work that represents shifting baselines and the new normal. Please write a short paragraph about the change you have observed, what baseline you are using, and if you perceive the change as positive or negative. Perhaps make suggestions for improvement. These will be included as part of the show and displayed by your work.

Possibilities for the art include: The Methow Valley , then and now. This can apply to any of your favorite places. Apply it to wildlife, plants , or our human population. It could apply to modes of transportation or communication. Feel free to reflect on personal, cultural and/or environmental change – what was, what is, and what could be.

We invite you to submit up to 5 original pieces in any medium, any size. However, please note the curator(s) have the right to refuse work , even after work is delivered to the gallery, if it does not contribute to the direction, cohesiveness, or available space of the show. We are looking for high quality execution and thoughtful content that contribute to the vision of the show as stated above.

**Each piece will require a paragraph explaining the piece and it's relation to the theme of the show or it will not be hung.**

Contact us with intent to exhibit by December 1, 2014
Submit high quality Jpegs of work or work in progress by March 1, 2015 (for marketing materials)
Email Artist Statement for EACH piece (include title) by March 15(in email or word doc only, no pdf's or handwritten statements please).
Submit Completed works, Bio, Inventory Sheet and Confluence Gallery Contract by Sunday, April 11, 2014
All works must be for sale.
All submissions must be your original works (you may submit prints for sale as long as they accompany the original work) and never previously shown in the Methow Valley area.

Please feel free to email us directly at salyna@confluencegallery.com or call the Confluence Gallery at (509) 997-2787 if you have any questions about the show or the requirements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Art Parties for Kids!

with Matthew Armbrust

November 12, 13, and 14th
12:30 - 4:30pm

Methow Valley Elementary School
Grades 1-5

Register at Confluence Gallery  509-997-2787
Cost $35 for one artist and $30 for each additional artist in the family
Please send a bag lunch with your child

Join the fun exploring line, color and birds! Experiment with a variety of supplies and mediums, creating a unique artwork to bring home.

For more information contact Confluence Gallery

Friday, November 7, 2014

In A Land of Snow and Indigo

This new exhibit opens on November 15th and extends through the new year until January 20th.

Emily Rier, The Delivery
Are you familiar with Jan Brett’s Annie and the Wild Animals? The synopsis: Annie was lonely. Taffy, her golden-haired cat, had disappeared. Life in the woods was empty. There was no one to love and be Annie's friend. Outside, the snow was deep and the winter seemed endless. Annie tried her best to encourage Taffy to return but without success. A moose and a bear and even a wildcat are not as soft and cuddlesome or as friendly as Taffy. Where could Taffy be? Jan Brett's story is told mostly through wonderfully detailed full-color illustrations. The wonders of the forest and the seasons are an expressive backdrop to the tale of the animals. Story within story forms as the intricate borders subtly foreshadow the main plot of Taffy's final return to her friend Annie.

Now, imagine a winter wonderland: the quiet of snow, shadows stretching across the horizon, cold, crisp air, and magnificent icicle stalactites. Peer from the warmth of your home through the windows or reflect on a day of snowy adventure – artists tell us what they see. They share the emotions that emerge. Through their art, they depict the story they see. They translate their images to a storyline.

Artists were invited to submit up to 5 original pieces in response to the title: In A Land of Snow and Indigo.

We invite the public to come take a walk through a winter wonderland as told by the artists.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Confluence Hires a New Director!

Confluence Gallery & Art Center is thrilled to announce that we have hired a new Director. Salyna Gracie comes to us with a wealth of experience. Her background in dancing, business and the arts, outreach and promotion offer the variety of skills that we were seeking for this position.

Salyna has lived in the Methow for over 20 years. She is currently the co-owner of the Studio in downtown Twisp where she dances, teaches and curates art shows. She founded and ran Salyna's Specialty Cakes for 15 years. For years Salyna sold her chocolate at Confluence. Now, her visual art can be seen in many of the exhibits as well as year-round in the gift shop.

For those of you who remember the cafe that was situated inside Confluence Gallery, Salyna worked in the Glover Street Cafe for several years. Recently, she began to volunteer on the Confluence Show Committee to curate and install exhibits.

Salyna brings a long history of living and working in the Valley. She looks forward to reconnecting and making new connections with you in her new role. She welcomes you to visit, meet and greet, ask questions, share concerns and stories.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daemond Arrindel Workshop

Confluence Gallery and Art Center is thrilled to offer a 2-day poetry workshop with renowned Seattle poet and teaching artist Daemond Arrindell at Confluence.

As written in the Seattle Times, "Daemond Arrindell is a Seattle poet, teacher and spoken-word performer who engages everyone from inmates to high-school students to reveal themselves out loud.”

Saturday and Sunday
November 8-9
10:30-2:30 both days, culminates in a public reading at 4:00 on Sunday at the Confluence Gallery
and Art Center in Twisp, Washington, the “Heart of the Methow Valley”.

This is an Ekphrastic Poetry workshop for all levels.
Teachers! This workshop can be applied to your professional development hours...
to sign up email us: info@confluencegallery.com or call: (509) 997-2787

Cost: $65